The Guest Room is a poignant novel that offers insight into the dark world of human trafficking, the complicated nature of human relationships, and the basics that drive human nature. The story, which reads like a crime thriller, makes one think about how quickly a bad decision, perhaps even a decision you weren’t completely involved in, can derail your life.          

 Richard Chapman and his wife open their home for, what they anticipate, will be a run-of-the-mill bachelor party. The night is anything but ordinary; however, ending with two dead Russian bodyguards on Richard’s living room floor and two Russian women on the run. How does Richard explain this to his wife and young daughter? What will his conservative employer think? How about his neighbors and friends? This multi-layered book offers suspense and intrigue and stirs heartfelt emotion. The numerous twists and turns along the way lead to a shocking ending. This book is not for the faint of heart, but would lead to interesting and thought-provoking questions for book clubs. 

Reviewed by Jennifer Harden

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